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From the soil to the soul: Juntos Ibiza

By Maven

Dec 21, 2022
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The thoughtful restoration of a heritage restaurant shines a light on a brighter future for farming in Ibiza.

Unfolding in the campo in the north of Ibiza, the 70 hectares of regenerated farmland that make up the Juntos estate are a tribute to the dedication of founders Christian Jochnik and Sophie Daunais and an extraordinary insight into what is possible in Ibiza. The farm’s three-pronged focus – regenerating the soil, respecting local crops and farming in harmony with nature – addresses issues of both climate crisis and food sovereignty in a way that involves the local community. 2022 saw the group expand with the opening of Juntos House, a farm-to-fork restaurant in the far- flung village of San Mateo where the fruits of the farm’s labour quite literally appear on the table within hours.


Juntos House is that rare thing – a new-ish opening that already feels deeply rooted in its environment. It helps that the locale – formerly the longstanding Ibicencan classic Can Cirés – is steeped in history. In its former life, the restaurant celebrated local cuisine and was famous for its calçotadas – a traditional Catalan winter barbecue celebrating the grilling of the calçot, a sort of large, sweet spring onion. In its new iteration, Juntos House honours Ibiza’s produce in much the same way, with many of the ingredients plucked directly from the Juntos farm that morning. This KM0 approach informs an ever-changing, locavore menu where Ibiza’s ingredients are celebrated in their most vibrant form – from red prawns to local lamb to grilled carrots drizzled with straciatella and dukkah.

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This type of menu benefits both the earth – regenerating the soil through crop diversity and traditional methods – and the community, many of whom are employed on the farm. But none of this comes at expense of design – quite the opposite, in fact, because the makeover at Juntos House has been deft and dramatic,
while retaining the inherent soul of the building. The flower-flecked, rosemary- scented outdoor terrace remains the hub of proceedings, a plaza-like space that’s sun-soaked by day and strung with gleaming lanterns by night. Pretty tables adorned with wildflowers play host to an upbeat yet laidback crowd of international islanders – who give the restaurant its community-hub feel – and tourists who’ve stumbled
across a slice of rural paradise. Indoors, expect subtle, chalky, grey-on-grey interiors that are both airy in summer and delightfully cossetting in winter, when open fires and candlelight conspire to create one of the island’s most romantic cool-season supper spots. Upstairs, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar lends a touch of the playful nature of Ibiza’s northern reaches, while a new boutique excels in what can only be described as KM0 gifting – a thoughtfully curated edit of ethically made products, from hand-dyed kimonos to hats and honey – that defines Sophie’s soft, sensory and sustainable aesthetic. If this is the face of progress in Ibiza, then the future looks brighter than ever.

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