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Botanically dyed silk scarf

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Poigé Silk scarf
Size 90 x 90 cm.
Hand-dyed with natural tints using bundle-dyeing technique.
This garment is one of a kind.
The colours in this scarf are made with botanical pigments and the prints of the petals of wild flowers and vegetal kitchen leftovers. Giving life to the universe of colour that we find in this piece, making each one unique.


Available in various colours.


Fig Tree Collection

The Figtree Collection wishes to take you back to nature, to your roots, to where your freedom lies. Each piece carries within it a narrative of sustainability, harmony with nature, and a slower organic pace. Carving its own conscious path towards caring for the planet, honestly and transparently giving its best efforts to be as sustainable as possible. Constantly learning, and unafraid to change with the moving times.

The brand was born in Ibiza, under one of its exuberant fig trees. This passion project was created by designer Alba Esteva, who has been relentlessly committed to being respectful to nature and its cycles in her work and at the same time, contributing to the global conversations in the fashion industry, always with the aim to have the least impact on the planet.

Currently, the brand is committed to; Having a local production based in a small workshop in Barcelona, with the aim of helping to keep the scarce local textile business network alive; to using eco-certified or recycled raw materials; Plastic-free packaging, labelling and shipping tools, prioritizing the use of recyclable materials; small production in order to minimize surplus stock; recovery and impulse to different textile handcraft techniques; making garments that are timeless and made to last.

“I create and design Figtree collections in my home Casa Calma, according to sustainability, common sense and transparency. Concepts I firmly believe in and that nature mirrors back to me every day. I truly believe that a better world is possible and it is in our hands to make a difference, because each action, each decision and each thought matter.” Alba Esteva.


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