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Trigonon Vase


The triangular striped form made up of lines has become one of Oxide’s favourite designs. In this vase it is especially mesmerising to see how the gold makes its way between the details of copper carbonate. Sculpted on the wheel and finished in detail by hand, this small piece is waiting to add a whimsical touch to your decoration. The piece is part of the ANTIQUES Collection and, like the rest of the collection, is named after an ancient instrument: Trigonon, a small triangular tool that was used in ancient Greece.

Flaws are part of the charm, you’ll find them in any of Oxide’s handcrafted pieces.


Oxide Village Studio

Oxide Village is a ceramic design studio where unique pieces of contemporary ceramics are handcrafted by Elena Noguera Wilson. They are sculpted and hand-painted one by one in the tranquility of the Spanish Mediterranean countryside. The brand finds inspiration in a carefree and relaxed island lifestyle, with both an authentic and cosmopolitan character, simultaneously drawing on the traditions and the mix of cultures; local but also very international. At Oxide, ceramic craftsmanship meets creativity and the conception of exclusive pieces.

“I have always felt a strong attraction for the unique, not necessarily for the extravagant or flashy, but for the singular. The art of handcrafted ceramics has allowed me to create unique pieces and I can assure you there will never be another piece like yours”

Elena Noguera Wilson


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