Pipe Vase


Hand-built in coloured stoneware clay, high-fired with red iron details and hand painted gold luster. This object crafted by hand could work as a vase carrying a floral ornament or stand empty as a decoration itself. Unique piece. 


Height: 16cm

Depth: 7cm

Weight: 600 gr



Bartblanc is a ceramic design studio where unique pieces of contemporary ceramics are handcrafted by Elena Noguera Wilson. They are sculpted and hand-painted one by one in the tranquility of the Spanish Mediterranean countryside. The brand finds inspiration in a carefree and relaxed island lifestyle, with both an authentic and cosmopolitan character, simultaneously drawing on the traditions and the mix of cultures; local but also very international. At Bartblanc, ceramic craftsmanship meets creativity and the conception of exclusive pieces.

“I have always felt a strong attraction for the unique, not necessarily for the extravagant or flashy, but for the singular. The art of handcrafted ceramics has allowed me to create unique pieces and I can assure you there will never be another piece like yours”

Elena Noguera Wilson

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