Ntato Mat 7



Width: 43''

Length: 68''

Material: Mikuta (local palm) 

About: These mats, called esteiras (Portuguese) or ntato (Moniga), were woven by the lovely artists of Estrela Vermelha de Pebane, a women's dance association that performs a style of music and dance called Tufo. EVP has been active in Pebane, a small town located on 11km of pristine beach in Northern Mozambique, for more than 50 years. EVP is selling these mats to raise money for their ever first carama (festival), a large gathering of over 300 women dancers! Hosting and attending Tufo festivals is an important way in which women stay connected in Mozambique, but these large events are almost always self-funded, which puts a huge financial strain on women dancers and their families. By purchasing one of these mats, you will not only be taking home a beautiful hand-made piece from Pebane, but you will be contributing directly to EVPs festival fund, supporting a cultural event that is such an important part of these women's lives.


**100% of the proceeds are going fund the EVT festival


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